Woodcarvers Group

These members are interested in the woodworking discipline that involves the carving of objects from wood or the carving of decorations in wood with hand chisels / tools.

Our association has expanded to include this woodworking discipline in 2017 when the SA Woodcarvers Guild joined our association. The training and quality of the carvings as well as the Evaluation of Wood Carving pieces are guided and managed under the banner of the South African Wood Carvers Guild (SANWG / SANHG).

The instructors have several groups and the groups meet weekly to carve and learn as a group in an informal class format.  All the groups exist of carvers on all levels (from beginners to experienced carvers) and carvers learn from the instructor and from other carvers.

This group’s management committee members are:

  • Audrey Miles: Team Leader and Co-ordination with SA National Wood Carvers Guild;
  • Evril Graham: Activity Coordinator;
  • Alida Myburgh: Logistics and Support;


Our members undergo a phased beginners training course.  The duration of this course is determined by the student’s commitment i.t.o attendance and homework (usually between 6 to 12 months to complete the course as per the presentation in the link below)

Phase 1 Beginners training aims to develop basic chisel techniques and basic carving skills.

Phase 2 Beginners have to practise and use the basic skills that they managed in Phase 1 and develop their carving skill and control when utilising chisels.

The Course further teaches a beginner to carve detail, work on different levels, balance mirror image carvings and how to finish off carvings.

The BEGINNER PRESENTATION is a summarised version of the Beginners Course as Prescribed by the SANHG.

Once the Beginners training is done, you start with your own projects of select from pre-developed courses to hone specific skills.  This is still done in the informal class format.

To find out more or join a group, use the contact information on the website or consult the Membership List for contact details.