The Woodworking Association of Pretoria was established during 1989 as a non-profit association with the purpose of bringing together woodworkers in all disciplines in  the Pretoria area of South Africa. Its objectives are, amongst others, the dissemination of information on wood and woodwork, to create co-operation between members, to exchange ideas and knowledge, to organise regular meetings, workshops and competitions of members in the various disciplines of woodwork, to issue a regular newsletter to members and to liaise with other similar associations and clubs in South Africa.  Membership is open to any person interested in woodwork who applies on the prescribed application form and pays the annual subscription. The Association currently has more than hundred members.

The monthly meeting of the Association takes place on the last Wednesday evening of every month.   At these meetings we usually arrange for one or two people from outside the Association to talk to us about woodworking-related products, equipment or techniques.

There are three interest groups in the Association namely the Cabinet Makers -, the Woodturners – and the Woodcarvers Group.

Cabinet Makers
These members are interested in the discipline of woodworking that involves the creation of cabinets as well as fine wooden furniture, and also in furniture restoration.     Read more

These members are interested in the woodworking discipline that involves the creation of shaped wooden objects on a lathe. Their work ranges from art pieces to utensils.     Read more

These members are interested in the woodworking discipline that involves the carving of objects from wood or the carving of decorations into wood.     Read more