Past Event information

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2018 Events

Cabinet Makers and Restorers – 10 November 2018

Wood Bending by Paul Roberts

Cabinet Makers and Restorers – 13 October 2018

Introduction to Laser & CNC Router Machines by Wray Evert

Presentations at the Expo – 6 & 7 October 2018

How to begin Woodturning by Reinald Böhringer

Sharpening Turning Tools by Reinald Böhringer

Using hand tools by Paul Roberts and Neville Comins

Machining of Wood – Prepration of Wood: From Rough to Smooth, Straight and Square by Paul Roberts

Setting up a workshop for cabinet making by Paul Roberts and Neville Comins

Cabinet Makers and Restorers – 15 September 2018

Anarchist Tool Chest – Group Project

The ToolChest – Presentation to Cabinet Makers

Queen Anne Lowboy: Group Project

Neville’s Lowboy – Progress and Lessons learned

Skinkbordstelle – Groep Projek

Veldtogstoele: Groep Projek

Cabinet Makers and Restorers – 11 August 2018

Fineer aanbieding deur Willie Marneweck

Main Meeting – 25 July 2018

Safe Use of Table Saws by Neville Comins

Saw Blade Technical by Wesley Welman of REM

Cabinet Makers and Restorers – 14 July 2018

Workshops by Paul Roberts

A small Workshop layout and challenges by Neville Comins

Cabinet Makers and Restorers – 09 June 2018

Wooden Planes by Paul Roberts

More about Hand Tools – Workbenches, Chisels and Saws by Neville Comins

Main Meeting – 30 May 2018

Op soek na Hout vir die Houtdraaier deur Reinald Böhringer

Charecteristics of wood for cabinet makers by Paul Roberts

Wood Availability and Procurement by Braam Burger

Main Meeting – 25 April 2018

Bandsaw Presentation by Paul Roberts

Bandsaag vir Draaiwerk Aanbieding deur Reinald Böhringer

Cabinet Makers and Restorers 10 March 2018

Presentation on Kitchens by Louw Trichardt

Main Meeting 28 February 2018

Presentation on Guitar Building by Alistair Thompson

Turners Meeting 24 February 2018

Laws of Turning by At Smit

Sharpening by Carel van der Merwe

2017 Events

Turners Meeting 28 Oct 2017

Presentation on Decorating your woodturned bowl by Andrew Bourke

Main Meeting 30 Aug 2017

Aids and Gadgets – various projects by members

Main Meeting 26 Jul 2017

Presentation on Wood Carving by Audrey Miles and team

Draaiersbyeenkoms 22 Jul 2017

Aanbieding oor muurbehangsels deur Willie de Wet

Main Meeting 28 Jun 2017

Project Plank – Photo Gallery

Turners Meeting 24 Jun 2017

Presentation on Easy Hollowing by Carel van der Merwe

Main Meeting 26 Apr 2017

Aanbieding: Soek ‘n Plank deur Theo van Wyk

Cabinet Makers Meeting 08 Apr 2017

Machining of Wood by Paul Roberts

Main Meeting 29 Mar 2017

Presentation on Trees by Neels Esterhuyse and Izak van der Merwe – PART 1

Presentation on Trees by Neels Esterhuyse and Izak van der Merwe – PART 2

Events of previous years

Main Meeting 24 Feb 2016

Talk on Injuries in the workplace by Dr Debbie Smit