Becoming a member of the Woodworking Association of Pretoria has many advantages to the woodworking enthusiast. Not only are you sharing a common interest, there is a lot to learn from each other. At the monthly meeting, we always have a speaker that will explain an aspect of woodworking.

Apart from that, there are the hands-on sessions at the separate meetings from our major interest groups. There you will learn a great deal and share loads of information with other people. Most of our members are experts in their fields with knowledge you cannot find in books.

Membership is encouraged. Feel free to download the membership form. Fill it in right away and start sharing the wonderful world of woodworking…

Membership Fees

The membership fees for the Association may, if deemed necessary, be revised at the Annual General Meeting at the beginning of each year. The current fees are:

Entry fee (new members):                            R30.00

Annual fees:

Full membership                                        R220.00

Junior members (< 25 years old)               R50.00

(Please add R45.00 to the fee if you are going to do a cash deposit.)

The Association’s financial year runs from January to December of each year.

Annual renewal of membership: To facilitate the activities of the Association, annual membership fees should be paid before the end of January of each year.

Application Forms

Download either an English or an Afrikaans application form in MS Word format or PDF format. Complete the form and email it to the Membership Committee Member.
Application-for-membership    MS Word    PDF

Aansoek-om-lidmaatskap         MS Word    PDF